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Sneaker Transportation 

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For a true sneakerhead, deciding which sneakers to take on the road and which to leave behind is a trying, Sophie's Choice moment. Worrying about how exactly to pack them so they won't get damaged is an even greater ordeal. That's why Private Label created a carry-on sized bag that's designed with sneaker lovers in mind. Plush, removable dividers organize the duffle into separate compartments, while individual soft, water-resistant containers (vented to air out odor) inside coddle your most beloved kicks.

The bag—shown here in black, but also available in camo nylon and sand suede—has enough spare room to fit underwear and tees under your sneakers easily. It also has a James Bond-esque amount of compartments for stashing a laptop (13" or tablet), phone chargers, or, if you're traveling with some of your precious sneakers, to stash Crep Project's insanely handy sneaker cleaning wet wipes. And with your mind off worrying how to pack your sneakers, you can return to the important questions: like whether it's actually possible to look good in all your Yeezy's.

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