Change the way you travel when you shop the Private Label duffle bag range. The original sneaker duffle bag is designed with the hypebeasts and athletes in mind and has everything you need for when you’re on the move or on your way to track, field or court.

These duffles can fit up to four pairs of shoes or sneakers, are a TSA compliant sneaker bag, and have multiple compartments to keep your possessions safe during travel, making them the perfect luggage and travel solution. Browse the full range of Private Label sneaker bags for travel and buy yours today to upgrade your sneaker storage.


  • What Size Duffle Bag Can I Carry On A Plane?

    Always check with your airline ahead of time, but a typical size limit for all carry on bags tends to be 22 X 14 X 9.5 inches, including for duffle bags used as carry on. Our duffel bags are TSA compliant so you can travel hassle free.
  • How To Pack Shoes In A Duffle Bag

    Our Private Label sneaker duffle bags allow you to comfortably pack 4 pairs of shoes/sneakers and are TSA compliant, making them the perfect travel bag to get your possessions to their destination.
  • How To Organize A Duffle Bag

    Private Label is the perfect solution when it comes to traveling because of the way our bag is designed. Our adjustable & removable divider system allows you to efficiently organize and pack your essentials.
  • Are Duffle Bags Allowed As Carry On?

    Duffle bags are allowed as carry on as long as they conform to TSA's approved sizing. Always double check with your airline ahead of time to be sure on their size limit for carry on bags. Our Private Label sneaker duffles are TSA compliant and are the perfect travel companion.
  • Do You Have To Check In A Duffle Bag?

    All duffle bags larger than the TSA specified size limit for carry on bags will have to be checked into the hold. Always double check with your airline before travel for the exact size restrictions, but all bags over the size of 22 X 14 X 9.5 inches need to be check in.
  • Is A Duffle Bag A Personal Item?

    Our Private Label Sneaker duffle bag is categorized as a "Carry-On" and our Backpack is categorized as a "Personal Item" thus you can board a plane with BOTH our Private Label Sneaker Duffle & Backpack.
  • How To Store Duffle Bags In A Closet

    If you need your duffel bags out of the way, store them at the base in your closet and utilise the space by keeping up to 4 pairs of shoes or sneakers organised and stored in your Private Label duffle.