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What To Pack In Your Basketball Bag

Whether you’re a professional player or new to the sport, there’s one thing that’s essential for any basketball player, and that’s having the right gear.

Any professional athlete or keen sportsman will tell you that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. That’s why packing the right gear for the next game, preseason or training session is so important.

In this blog post, we’ve outlined everything you need to pack in your basketball bag and why.

Basketball gear checklist

So, you’re on your way to play basketball. But what do you need to take? Our basketball checklist lists everything you need to take to the court in style.

  • Water bottle - Any seasoned basketball player will tell you that hydration is key. Between quarters and at half-time, having a bottle of fresh, cool water is the best way to prepare for the remaining game-time. We love the bottles from SUPLMNT - they have thick stainless steel casing and double wall vacuum insulation to keep your drink cold all day. 
  • Electrolyte drink - When you’re exerting bursts of energy on the court, you need to replenish water, electrolytes and energy quickly. Sports drinks are the single best way to do this. 
  • Energy bar  - When you’re burning through calories during high-intensity exercise like game-play, you need to be able to replace energy quickly without eating anything that makes you feel too bloated. Energy bars, also known as nutrition bars, are supplemental bars that contain micronutrients, which supply quick food energy. They’re perfect for consumption just before the opening tip-off.
  • Towel - An essential for any sportsman’s bag, a towel is great to have on the sidelines for mopping up sweat, and for the post-match shower.
  • Shoes - Of course, you need something on your feet to give you grip and bounce on the court! You’ll always need your basketball shoes, plus a spare pair of comfortable sneakers or sliders for when you’re traveling to the game.
  • Spare socks - Whether you realize last minute that the socks you’re wearing have a hole in them, or you want a fresh pair for after the game, a spare pair of socks is a must-have in your bag.
  • Jersey - Another crucial item for any basketball player’s bag has to be the jersey! Whether that’s the team jersey or a simple t-shirt and shorts combo, it’s definitely an essential. 
  • Ball & pump - For drills pre-tip off  and just in case the game ball bursts, it’s always a good idea to bring a spare ball and pump. Most good basketball bags will have capacity for a fully inflated ball.
  • Jacket - For pre- and post-match, you’ll want an extra layer to keep your muscles warm to prevent injury. 
  • Earbuds - To get in the zone pre-game, you want to make sure you have earbuds at the ready to play your carefully curated playlist.
  • Phone - So you have the means to contact someone if necessary, take pics of the team to capture the memories of the match, and to play that all important playlist before the game starts.  
  • Headband & wristbands - Ideal for keeping the sweat at bay and hair out of your face.
  • First aid kit & athlete's tape - Hopefully you won’t need it, but it’s always best to be prepared with bandages, painkillers, plasters etc. Athlete tape is also good if you’re nursing an injury.
  • A basketball duffle - Of course, with all these things, you’ll need something to keep them in! Private Label’s duffles make for the perfect basketball bag. With adjustable and removable dividers to keep gear organized, and lots of interior and exterior pockets to keep things in order, you’ll have the best basketball bag on the court.

What to bring to basketball tryouts

Basketball tryout are a super exciting time for young and new players wanting to compete for a team. Not everyone will make it through squad selection, but practicing your skills and turning up fully prepared will give you the best possible chance of making it onto the team.

If you’re attending basketball tryouts, here are some items you might want to include in your bag:

  • Sneakers - If you’re new to basketball, you might not have invested in a pair of basketball shoes yet. This is absolutely fine, and regular sports sneakers are perfectly acceptable footwear to wear to tryout.
  • Gym clothes - If you’re attending tryouts, you probably don’t have a team jersey/short set yet. It’s recommended that you wear loose, comfortable sports clothing, such as a cotton t-shirt, with gym shorts.
  • Notepad & pen - The easiest way to learn from the pros is to copy what they do. If you’re new to basketball, there’s so much to remember, from the rules to tips and tricks. Having a notepad and pen to hand will be super helpful for keeping track and mean you don’t need to take a mental note of everything.
  • Water bottle - Keeping hydrated is a must for everyone, no matter what level you play at. Be sure to take a full bottle of fresh water with you to tryout.
  • Jacket or jumper - Depending on the size of the tryout session, there might be a bit of waiting around between drills. It’s worth taking a hoodie or jacket with you, which you can slip on and off as required to stay warm.


So, whether you’re already on a team and just reading up on what you should keep in your bag, or about to embark on your first ever basketball tryout, now you know what you need to take, be sure to get the right bag to carry it all in.

Private Label’s duffles are the best bags for basketball on the market. They’re loved by teams and players alike, sported by the likes of LA Clippers and Detroit Pistons players, plus Isaiah Thomas and Kyree Walker. Get yours today and be the envy of your entire team.



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